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German education is highly regarded throughout the world, and graduates of German universities are traditionally welcome in many large corporations. They learn here for a long time and thoroughly, and also appreciate the classical approach to education and honor centuries-old traditions. There have always been many foreigners at German universities. They do not have special requirements, but they also do not indulge – they all act regularly.

In Germany, every child over the age of six begins to attend school. The first four years – primary education, then there is a division into groups. The weakest children continue their education at the Hauptschule, whose goal is to prepare for low-skilled work. After the main school, you can get a specialty in the vocational education system.

Those who showed average results in elementary school continue their studies at Realschule for 6 years, after which they can either get a specialty and go to work. And after the Realschule, the most capable ones go on to study at the gymnasium (Gymnasium). At the gymnasium, young citizens receive a classical education and a certificate, which gives the right to enter the university.

The level of education in the German gymnasium is very high; according to the international classification, it corresponds to the level of the 2nd year university in many countries. Schooling in Germany is free of charge, and its first two steps are compulsory for everyone. As a rule, schools are run by land governments, so there may be differences in the programs of different schools.

All universities in Germany adhere to the principle of “academic freedom”: each student is free in the choice of academic disciplines and the plan for their development. This is also because almost all German universities are crowded, sometimes to such an extent that not all students have the opportunity to stay in the lecture hall and have to resort to video broadcasting of the lecture. Of course, in such conditions, there can be no talk of such concepts as curating and personal contact with the teacher. It turns out that a lot depends on the student’s self-discipline and desire to gain knowledge and skills.

Schooling in Germany is compulsory and free; this applies to foreigners. The only requirement is knowledge of German and English at a reasonably high level. Otherwise, it will be challenging to learn. Now the minimum required level corresponds to European B2. However, international schools have been created specifically for foreign children in all major German cities, including intensive German and English courses. True, this is already not free – from 2000 EUR per month. The most famous of the International Schools in Germany is considered “Berlin-Brandenburg.”

There are several types of universities in Germany. First of all, these are state ones, education in which until recently was free. There are also private (commercial) levels of education, which is often in no way inferior to state universities.

Some of them are industry-specific educational institutions, which, thanks to reliable teaching staff and research activities, have grown into universities. Usually, they provide training in technical specialties.

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