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There are several almost guaranteed ways to immigrate to Canada. Immigration through school is one of the most reliable ways to become a permanent resident of Canada. Canada is known for its outstanding education system. Many Canadian universities and colleges are among the best educational institutions in the world. Also, the Canadian government is promoting Canadian education and is looking for foreign nationals willing to graduate in Canada.

For many reasons, international students are interested in studying in Canada – One of the leaders in terms of economic development, low crime rate, and high educational standards. The cost of education and accommodation is moderate, and the prospects for graduates are broad.

International graduates are ideal candidates for immigrating to Canada. They have the skills and knowledge needed in the Canadian labor market; they are fluent in the official languages of Canada. They are already familiar with life in the country. In 2020, Canada came in third in the world in the number of international students.

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To increase your chances of securing your Canada student visa from Dubai, we recommend applying for a study program that lasts at least two academic years. This will allow you to apply for a work permit after graduation for a more extended period. It is also crucial that your studies be in a recognized institution (Designated Learning Institution), which participates in the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. Most private colleges do not participate in the program, so graduating from such programs will not allow you to immigrate after graduation. You will not have a reason to get a work permit.

As an international student in Canada, you have the right to work part-time while studying. Currently, the Canadian government allows international students to work up to 20 hours a week. If you are looking for Canada study visa from Dubai, then you must contact us, we can help you in your pursuit of living abroad.

If you are married or have a civil partner or dependent children, they can come with you to Canada! Spouses of international students can get an open work permit, and your children can get permission to study at a public school for the duration of your academic program.

Immigration through school is a lengthy process, but it is also the most smooth, since adaptation to a new country is gradual.

Our resource is an association of educational and immigration companies with a total experience in education and immigration with a duration of more than 10 years. Our Canada student visa consultants in Dubai received education in Canada, sent children to courses and to study in schools and universities in this country, have certificates of international vocational education organizations (ICEF, Course of Education in Canada for Agents), the necessary licenses for consultations on visa and immigration issues (ICCRC).

We can be useful for you in choosing a study program (not only for selecting an educational institution but also in matters of vocational guidance and job prospects after completing studies in Canada) and enrollment in language schools, secondary and higher schools (both state and private), to colleges and universities. We have official representatives of more than 40 state universities in Canada.

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We will be glad if the information collected on our resource is useful to you and helps to understand the initial training and immigration programs that are open in Canada. As trusted Canada student visa consultants in Dubai, we help you make the shift you need in life. Do you wish to get your Canada study Visa from Dubai in first attempt? We suggest you start your journey to Canada or continue it with us!

If you would like to know more about the prospects which study in Canada provides, and also the process of getting admitted in Canadian schools, please feel free to contact our consultant to discuss the potential outcomes and the necessary steps.

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