Want to study in New Zealand? Seeking answers to some queries related to it? Join Free Webinar

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Want to study in New Zealand?

Seeking for answers to some queries related to it?



  • Date – Friday, Jul 10 2020

  • Time – 12:00 PM, Dubai

  • Speaker – Mr. Pawandeep Singh, Licensed Immigration Adviser, IA201801110

                     Mr. Nirbhay Kataria, Founder and CEO of Giant Migration

Who will benefit from this webinar?

This webinar is designed for students who are currently in pursuit of possible options in New Zealand for study, after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a well-known fact that COVID-19 has caused an upheaval in every sector, student visa immigration is no different. Join us to know how you can live your dream of studying in New Zealand even after COVID-19.

Want to join us? Take a few seconds to fill this form to enroll yourself with us for free, https://bit.ly/3eSmr5m.

What is our focus?

Do you wish to study in New Zealand? Then this free webinar is for you, it is focused on students who wish to get a degree abroad, namely:

  • Graduate Diploma
  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Master’s
  • Bachelor’s
  • Post-study open work visa for upto 3years.


Why should You Attend the Webinar?

New Zealand is a country that is generous when it comes to financing the educational institutions with adept education standards being maintained.  The education system of New Zealand is carved on the British model without being overtly heavy on the pocket. Hence, New Zealand is an alluring study abroad destination. This webinar is dedicated to offer you adept knowledge on the various aspects of New Zealand education.

  • The education system of New Zealand
  • Introduction to NMIT, entry requirements, and programs.
  • Job opportunities
  • How to Select Permanent Residence after completion of studies.
  • Student visa application guidance and FTS.
  • How Giant Migration can help you?
  • Q&A

It’s easy to join us, just fill an easy form here, https://bit.ly/3eSmr5m, and become a part of our free webinar.

About Giant Migration

Giant Migration is a licensed immigration company based in Dubai and 7 other countries. The core task of the consultancy is to help people with their immigration process. The team of experts help aspirants live their dream of living in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. From initiation through conclusion and beyond, the specialists stay in touch to offer help of any kind.


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