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Canada PR with Canada Startup Visa Program

The Start-Up Visa Programme provides permanent residency in Canada to eligible immigrant entrepreneurs from other countries. The Start-Up Visa or SUV connects innovating entrepreneurs with Canadian private sector investors to aid in the establishment of their start-up company. The prime focus is on supporting businesses that fall in one of the following categories:

  • Innovative idea.
  • Can help raise employability in Canada
  • A competitive and globally recognised niche.


What Is a Start-Up Visa Program Designated Entity?

To get Canada PR by Investment in Dubai, you must know the rules. Candidates can reside in Canada on a work visa, sponsored by the designated entity before qualifying for permanent residency.

Private-sector investors or designated entities are of three types:

  • Angel investor.
  • Venture capital fund.

Business incubator.

The following criteria are important to fulfil, in context to Canada Startup Immigration from Dubai:

1. An authorised or designated angel investor group must make a $75,000 investment in the qualified business. Candidates may also qualify with two or more contributions equivalent to $75,000 from angel investor organisations.

2. A designated venture capital fund must confirm an investment of at least $200,000 in the qualified business. Candidates may also qualify if they have two or more commitments with a total of $200,000 from approved venture capital funds.

3. The applicant must be accepted into the business incubator programme of a certified business incubator. 

What is the fees and processing time for Start-Up Visa Programme?

The processing time and fee for the programme are 12 to 16 months with $2,075, respectively. The processing time is inclusive of biometrics that is the application requisite. It takes less time to acquire a Canada Start-Up Visa from Dubai as compared to other visa types.

Who is eligible to apply for the Start-Up Visa Program?

Canada Immigrant Investor Program in Dubai has the following requirements. To be eligible, you must fulfil these:

  • Have a qualifying business – A qualified business is defined, as one that fulfils the following criteria.

At the time an organisation commits to your idea:

  • Each applicant owns 10% or more of the voting rights connected to all outstanding shares of the company at the time (up to 5 people can apply as owners)
  • Applicants and the designated organisation jointly owns more than 50% of the entire voting rights connected to all outstanding shares of the company.

At the time of you obtain PR:

  • You handle this company actively and continuously from Canada.
  • In Canada, an important portion of the business’s activities takes place.
  • The company is registered in Canada
  • Get a Letter of Support (LOS) from a designated organisation – You must obtain a letter of support from a recognised organisation (a business group that has been authorised to invest in or assist potential start-ups). You’ll need to:
  • Contact the selected organisation to find out how to receive its assistance.
  • Convince the group that you have a business concept that is worth supporting.
  • Get a letter of support from the chosen organisation.

The method to propose your concept is different for each organisation. Each organisation has its own needs. For example, you may be required to demonstrate your company idea in person or submit a comprehensive business plan.

If you establish an agreement with a designated organisation, it will provide you with a letter of support. You need to include this letter when you submit your application for Canada Investment Immigration from Dubai. This is the evidence you need to demonstrate that the venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator is backing your company concept. The organisation will also provide a commitment certificate. Your application will be rejected, in the absence of either one, Letter of Support and Commitment Certificate.

  • Meet the language requisites – Your business will thrive in Canada if you communicate and operate in English, French, or both languages. Your application will not be accepted unless you take a language test from an authorised organisation and submit the results with it.

In each of these four categories, you must achieve the minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Have enough money to settle – The Canadian government does not provide financial assistance to new start-up visa immigrants. When you apply, you must demonstrate that you have enough money to sustain yourself and your dependents after you arrive in Canada. You cannot borrow this money from anybody else.

The amount is dependent on the size of your family. Every year, these figures are updated, so check the official Canada Immigration website for the latest facts.

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