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What Are The Documents That I Need To Get For Canada Student Visa From Dubai?

Are you planning to move to Canada from Dubai? Do you wish to acquire a student visa to complete your higher education? Canada has some elite and reputed colleges and universities, those who wish to pursue education in Canada and wish to receive a high-quality education. You may already know that top-notch international education can help you seek better professional opportunities. So, if you are an international student, Canada offers you an opportunity to acquire a work permit once you complete your education. This will result in a permanent residence permit helping you immigrate to Canada from Dubai.

Those who are wishing to pursue a postgraduate course will be qualified for a post-graduate work permit that later can help acquire an open work permit with a validity of up to three years. During the course, the students can work on a part-time basis for 20 hours per week. If a student applying for a visa for a post-graduate program is married, their spouse can acquire an open work permit allowing them to work full-time.

These benefits have attracted so many international students to Canada. If you are a student in Dubai and wish to acquire a Canadian student visa, our Canada student visa consultants in Dubai will help you throughout the visa process. We share with you precise information and guide you to enhance your chance of getting through the application process. A Dubai-based student who is in need of a Canadian student visa study permit to pursue a course for 6 months in Canada.


  • You will need to get the below-listed documents together when applying for a study permit when planning to immigrate to Canada:
  • Proof of Identity includes an updated passport. If you are applying online, you are required to upload the information page and after approval, you can submit the original documents.
  • Submit two recent passport-sized photographs with precise names and dates of birth.
  • Proof of acceptance.
  • Proof of financial support is to prove that you can support yourself while in Canada. You will be required to provide correct details of the funds by submitting any of the following documents-
  • Proof of money in a Canadian bank account.
  • GIC was received from a Canadian financial institution.
  • Proof of education loan.
  • A bank draft that can be converted to Canadian currency.
  • A letter from a person that is giving you money.


You can apply for a study visa before landing in Canada or some students can apply while living here. You can also apply for a visa at the entrance port.

To experience a simplified and smooth immigration journey with a Canada student visa from UAE, contact us. Giant Migration, being the top immigration consultant, helps each client from the initial step to full adaptation to the new land. You can enjoy a smooth and seamless immigration journey.


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