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Want to Study in Canada? Here Are the Tuition and Living Costs

Canada has become a popular destination for international students to study, especially in the last few years. With diverse culture, beautiful landscape, amazing lifestyle, prestigious universities, and student cities, Canada transformed into a country with a great reputation. Canada has more than 30 universities that ranked among the best academic institutions across the globe. Many students wish to study in Canada, well, connect with our immigration consultants in Dubai to apply for the visa under expert guidance.

To know more about the tuition fees and living expenses, below we have listed all the information:


Tuition fees of Canadian universities are quite high but lower than universities in countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom, and even Australia. However, universities fees vary yearly, you may even notice a big difference based on the degree program or the city. For instance, Newfoundland is famous for universities with the lowest tuition feeds while Ontario holds a reputation for most expensive area.

  • Bachelor’s Degree Program: Tuition fees may range between 550 – 30,000 CAD/year. You can pursue a bachelor’s in medicine, social science, and engineering but they fall among the most expensive study programs.
  • Master’s Degree: Program: Tuition fees range between 1,075 – 65, 000 CAD. The most expensive study programs are Master’s in engineering, business, law, and computer science.

The purpose of these fees ranges from Bachelor’s and Master’s, which is to help you figure out an estimated budget you will require while studying in the country. You must understand that just because a study program is expensive, it is the best. You don’t have to choose it since higher cost doesn’t always mean better quality education. You must choose the program that hits that sweet spot between what you want, your budget and tuition.


If we talk about living expenses in Canada, they are quite above average but you can expect to lead a high quality of life. You may require between 800 – 1500 CAD/month for many provinces such as Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa. While Calgary and Vancouver fall among the most expensive cities in the country with living costs reaching 2000 CAD/month.

  • Accommodation Costs: You will be offered ample housing options in the country with a diverse price range.
  • Food Costs: You don’t have to worry about spending too much on meals, about 300 CAD/month for grocery shopping will be enough. You can shop from super stores and Walmart as they are some of the affordable supermarkets.


To pursue education in Canada, you are required to have a student permit. it may cost around 150 CAD and you must apply before you travel to this beautiful country. For the application process, you are required to submit documents: an acceptance letter from the university, documents reflecting that you can financially support yourself, and a valid passport.

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