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Visiting Canada? Here’s your guide to applying for Visitor Visa


A Canada visitor visa is an official document given by a Canadian visa office that authorizes a visitor to enter Canada as a Temporary Resident Visa holder (TRV).

Overview of Eligibility criteria for Canada’s visa requirements

  • Have a current, valid passport.
  • You should be in excellent physical and mental health. An official medical examination is required to prove health vitals.
  • No prior criminal records or immigration-related convictions.
  • You must indicate that you intend to return to your native country after you visit Canada.
  • You should show that you have enough money to live, while in Canada.

You must inform your immigration consultants about the duration of your stay when you plan to migrate to Canada from Dubai.

Documents required for Canada Visit Visa in 2022

  • A valid passport with an expiration date beyond six months;
  • Documents demonstrating your links to your home country;
  • Two passport-sized photographs taken within the last six months. The picture must be less than 90 days old If you want to reside with relatives in Canada, you must provide either an affidavit or an Invitation letter from them
  • Proof of your citizenship (If there is an invitee from Canada)
  • Certificate of Medical Clearance
  • Photocopy of your itinerary or return ticket.
  • Provide bank statements to demonstrate sufficient finances to remain in Canada.

Steps to Apply for Canada Visitor Visa

Step 1 – Determine your eligibility to go to Canada

Step 2 – Prepare the documentation demonstrating that you fulfill the qualifying requirements

Step 3: Submit an online application if you have met all of the prerequisites.

Fourth step: Provide your fingerprints and picture biometrics

The Visitor Visa application fee

100 CAD per person for the Visitor visa, including the Super Visa, single or multiple entries, and temporary residence visas. The Visitor visa costs 500 CAD per family, with a single price for each family of 5 or more persons applying concurrently. Per person, a visitor visa extension will cost $100. Restoring visitor status costs $200. This also includes biometric fees. The amount of the charge is subject to change without prior notice.

Canada’s visa processing times for visitors

Processing times for the Canada Visitor visa are depending on the kind of application, temporary residency status and the nation from which the applicant is applying.

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