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Things To Look for When Choosing the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

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When it comes to making big, life-changing decisions, such as immigrating to a new country and applying for your visa, you need to ensure that you have the right people by your side. Besides your family, friends, and trust in your own knowledge and judgement, you shall also require the assistance of professionals who can guide you in the right direction and assist in achieving your dreams.


Although if you apply by yourself, it will be totally fine. However, people who have expertise in the immigration field can help you get the best opportunity of submitting a flawless application and increase your chances of approval.


But you need to be careful. Your decision of hiring a visa consultancy can make or break your chances of immigration to Canada. There are crucial parameters to consider before hiring a consultancy to land in safe hands. Here’s a list of factors that you must take into consideration to make an informed choice-


  1. Licence and Experience- Make sure the lawyers and other team experts who are going to handle your profile hold a licence and have extensive experience in handling visa applications.


  1. Size of the consultancy– The years of market presence and strength of the consultancy you hire matter as they will give you an idea of its goodwill and help in making an informed decision.


  1. Successful application- Before hiring any consultancy firm for your immigration process, always check the number or statistical figures of applications they have successfully processed. The figures play an important role in determining the chances of your application being approved through these consultants.


  1. Personalized attention- Observe whether the consultant provided by the visa consultancy is actually looking into your profile or just giving you broad information about the visa options available. A genuine and experienced consultant will look deep into your financial aspects, job role and other details. After the introspection, they’ll give you a transparent opinion about the chances of your visa approval without any false promises. Moreover, make sure that if you face any discrepancy in your application, the consultant connects with the immigration office in Dubai on your behalf and gets it sorted.


  1. Background Checks- One of the biggest mistakes numerous people make while hiring a consultancy firm is not conducting their background checks. You should always check if the consultancy’s history is clear of any previous cases of penalization or fraudulence. There have been many cases where reputed consultancies hide their penalization records to lure and convince clients into hiring them. As an informed client, you must conduct a background check as ignoring this may lead to delays in your application process, or it may even get declined.


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