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Taking Your Family to Canada Now Made Easy!

Migrating to a new country, especially when you have a family back in the country, can really be a daunting task. When the country you are migrating to accommodates children and family in the best way- education, career opportunities, overall quality of life, the process sure can be exciting. In such terms, when you are planning to move to Canada with your family, you may want to read this post to find out about the subcategories. You can connect with any of our professionals at the immigration office in Abu Dhabi to know about the family visa.

The Canadian family migration visa program is designed for people who have their loved ones or family members residing in the country as citizens or permanent residents. Individuals possessing any of the below listed family visas are eligible to work or study in the country while their PR application is under processing:

Partner or Dependent Children Visa: Under this category, anyone who is a citizen or is a permanent resident of Canada can sponsor their partners or children to move and settle in the country. Such visa holders have the permit to study and work in Canada.

Parents or Grandparents Visa: Under the family visa category, Canadian citizens or Permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their parents to apply for Canadian immigration. It is important for the individual who is sponsoring to cover their expenses to ensure that they do not apply for finances at any stage during their stay.

Relatives Visa: When we talk about a relative’s visa, it allows Canadian citizens who want their relatives to join them, can sponsor their relatives to apply for Canadian immigration under the family class. It is important for the applicant to ensure that he or she fulfils the health and character requirements and shouldn’t hold any prior criminal record.

If you are wondering, relatives who you can sponsor include Spouse, Children, Parents, Brother, Sister, Nephew, Niece, Grand Parents, and orphan Grandchildren. In order to be a sponsor, you must be 18 years or older, meet a certain income threshold, and submit written proof agreeing to cover the relative’s finances.

If you wish to know more about the family visa, connect with the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada at Giant Migration. Our professionals carefully and diligently help each client ensuring they get a smooth experience moving to a new country.


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