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Study In Canada: A Complete Guide for Foreign National Students

Canada has always welcomed immigrants and foreign nationals to settle down within its premises. The country provides ample job opportunities for international immigrants, but that’s not all. The nation is also known for offering several academic avenues to international students who want to build a career here. Canada provides tremendous opportunities to international students to gain a world-class education in a multicultural setting, making it an all the more rewarding experience. The country has welcoming immigration policies making it possible for students from across the world to come and study here. 

If you aim to pursue your higher studies in Canada, this blog is curated just for you. Listed below is the complete guide for foreign national students willing to relocate to Canada for higher studies. Without further ado, let us dive deep into it.

Study Permit in Canada 

Before moving further, let us read what exactly a study permit is. As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a study permit is an essential document that allows international students to study at a DLI – Designated Learning Institution in Canada. 

Students must note that the Study Permit is not similar to a Visa as it does not allow you to enter Canada. 

Your Canada student visa consultants in Dubai can assist you in understanding how can you avail your study permit to Canada. 

Validity of Study Permit 

Each study permit is usually valid for the duration of the study program a student has enrolled in, plus an extra 3 months. The extra 90 days are to let the students prepare for their return or extension if they plan to stay. 

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. These are as follows: 

Delayed Course Duration 

If your course is taking longer than the set duration to finish, you are required to extend your stay as a student. 

Conditional Acceptance

If your institute asks you to take admission in certain courses before accepting you in the main program (which usually happens in the case of language courses), your study permit will be valid for the duration of those courses and one year. Once you are accepted into the main program, you should apply for an extension as a student. 

Early Course Completion 

If a student finishes off their studies earlier, the validity of your permit expires 90 days after the completion of your course. Irrespective of the day/date printed on your study permit, your permit stops being valid. 

If there is still any confusion about the study permit validity, our Canadian student visa consultants in Dubai will help you. 

3 Essential Factors Before Applying for a Student Permit 

  • The application process for a post-secondary program begins at least a year in advance. Students are advised to be sure to research everything in advance for their application processes. 
  • A study permit is only issued from a DLI. Every Canadian province and territory has their own education system, and they have their respective application rules and selection criteria. 
  • Tuition fees are a significant component when it comes to overseas education. In addition to that, there is health insurance, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses which are also vital. 

Moving overseas to a country as culturally diverse as Canada for studies is an excellent opportunity. For Canada Student Visa from Dubai, connect with proficient immigration consultants who can assist you in transitioning as an international student in Canada.  



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