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Planning to Migrate to Australia? What You Need to Consider

Consider Austrailia

The laidback lifestyle with gorgeous beaches and clear blue skies is highly attractive for people who choose to settle down in Australia. One of the major reasons that have been drawing people to Australia is the booming economy. Skyline of Sydney is crowded with cranes which is a clear sign of booming construction in the New South Wales region as well. But sightseeing and attraction is not the only thing that should draw you to an absolutely foreign land. Before you visit your Australian immigration consultants in Dubai to make a move to Australia, you need to do a thorough background research about the country and this blog is curated just to fulfil that purpose. This is a guide for every person who wishes to settle in Australia and wants to gather some basic information about how life is going to be in Australia. Without further ado, let us dive deep into this blog:

Applying for Visas 

Each candidate who intends to work, study or set up their business in Australia must have the right visa suiting their circumstances. Australian Immigration Authorities have a well-designed website of The Department of Home Affairs which explains the step-by-step procedure of visa application for varying immigration pathways that can suit the requirements of candidates. Some common immigration pathways are:

  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa
  • Student Visa: Subclass 500
  • Permanent Residency
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • General Skilled Migration Program

You can discuss with your Australian immigration consultants in Dubai which immigration pathway is better for you.


Australia has a public healthcare system known as Medicare. If you move to Australia with a temporary work or study visa, you will not be covered by Medicare. Temporary visitors need to purchase an overseas visitors’ health cover which contributes towards other medical expenses including doctor’s fees, visits to dentists, physiotherapists, and other health practitioners.


Most schools in Australia are selective schools and require entrance exams. One must note that these schools are not open to children of temporary resident visa holders. Australian children start school at the age of five, foundation class, then go to secondary school, at age 12 and finish school at 18. Most state schools are technically free but some state schools charge a tuition fee to the temporary visa holders. Private school fees are also 50% higher for non-residents.

Renting A Property

In the main Australian cities, properties don’t come at easy prices. Plus, one has to consider several factors while renting a home like the distance of the school, the distance of your workplace, the nearest marketplaces, etc. All these factors also line up in deciding the price of a property. However, people who arrive on a temporary basis can find furnished accommodation temporarily with the help of their Australian immigration consultants in Dubai or through several online portals for temporary accommodations.

Making a move to Australia or any other foreign land might seem enticing at first but there’s a lot of work that goes behind the curtain. You need to do thorough research when it comes to settling abroad. Giant Migration has the top Australian immigration consultants in Dubai who can help you in your research regarding making a move. If you wish to settle in Australia, Canada, Germany or even the UK, we are here for you. Connect with our expert consultants to begin your immigration journey with us right away!


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