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Moving to Canada for Higher Studies? Here’s Your Visa Guide

Studying in Canada provides students access to some of the world’s most esteemed institutions. Graduates of such programmers’ have a leg up in the job market. Thousands of students from across the world have benefited from the expertise of Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai, UAE.

Here’s all that you must know to make the shift to Canada

10 steps to Apply for a Canada Student visa from Dubai | Giant Migration 

Step 1: Locate the university to which you want to apply.

Step 2: Apply online for admission.

Step 3: Receive your acceptance letter. Additionally, look for scholarships if they are available.

Step 4: Consult our advisors to learn all there is to know about the student Visa.

Step 5: Gather all relevant documentation for a Student Visa

Step 6: Compare all your papers to the criteria for obtaining a student visa.

Step 7: Submit your application for a student visa at least three months before the start of your study.

Step 8: Monitor your e-mails to be informed about the status of your Visa application.

Step 9: Once you have your Visa, contact your Case Officer with any more questions.

Step 10: Pack your belongings and enjoy your adventure!


What after you have completed the process of Canada Student Visa application?

You can track the progress of your application online. You will be notified by email if you have applied for eTA. The notice is often sent out within a day or two. eTAs are good for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. You must carry the passport that was used to apply for your eTA at the airport.

The first step in the process of applying for a study visa or a work visa is to make sure that your application is complete. You will get a letter with instructions on how to provide your biometrics after you have paid the price for biometrics (if applicable).

The authorities may ask for a background check and a medical checkup. After conducting a thorough examination, they will then determine whether or not you are qualified to apply to work, study or visit Canada. Online applicants will get communication through the email address they used to register themselves. On paper, they’ll use the information you gave to contact you.

When it comes to Canadian student visas in Dubai, no one does it better than Giant Migration. We can answer all of your immigration questions. Are you interested in moving to Canada but don’t know anything about the country’s CRS score? Consult our immigration consultants to know more!


Giant Migration: The best Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai

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