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Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Immigration Application

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A slight mistake in the application form leads to discrepancies and delays in the visa approval process. One even might have to face disapproval from the immigration authorities for filling in wrong or incomplete details in the application form. That’s where the significant role of Immigration Consultants in Dubai arrives. They look after all the minute details and protect with assistance to their clients.

However, many people go through the immigration process all by themselves and do not feel the requirement for external help. We, as immigration consultants, are here to help and pull you out of the discrepancy lake to clear the road for visa approval. 

When you self-line your immigration process, you need to be extremely careful with everything and fill in the correct details while presenting your documents. Although, Immigration Consultants in Dubai are here to help you with the professional representation of your immigration application.

Common Mistakes One Should Avoid while Applying for Visa 

Here are some common mistakes one can avoid while filling the application form –

  • Forgetting to sign the application-

Forgetting to sign the application can cause delays in your immigration as the application is mailed back to you. We understand this happens in haste and tension, but with the support of an immigration consultant, you would not have to worry about anything.

  • Correct filing fee-

It is necessary to include the correct fee along with your application. A consultant will inform you about the correct visa fees. If you self-line, you will have to check with the immigration authorities.


  • Attach right supporting documents as evidence-

Your petition will stand cancelled if you do not support the application with correct and updated documentation and a visa not provided. One should be cautious about the documents and avoid miscommunication with immigration authorities as time consumed gets wasted. Albeit the immigration consultants in  Dubai will refile your application, however, they will not be able to bring back the time wasted along with the monetary loss faced.

  • Correct names and addresses-

For people who apply for a visa themselves, the authorities will ask for extra evidence for names and addresses. To inform the concerned, one needs to use the name on their birth certificate and update the authorities if they shift from one place to another.

  • Fill the wrong form for your case-

There might be cases where you might not possess complete information about the forms available as per your criteria, and you fill the wrong form in disguise of incomplete knowledge. It leads to application rejection, and you will have to face monetary loss for an application denied. An immigration consultant will guide you through all forms and categories and will apply on your behalf.

These are some of the most common errors made by people who apply for visas online by themselves. It is essential to hire a consultant for immigration needs to avoid minor errors. Giant migration extends the most efficient services as immigration consultants in Dubai for its clients. As a consultant, we promise to deliver you an enriching experience. Contact Giant migration to more about visa services.



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