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Migrating to Canada from Dubai in 2022

migrating to canada from dubai

What are the immigration choices for people who wish to migrate to Canada from Dubai? 

    1. Federal Economic Class
    • Federal skilled workers
    • Federal skilled Trades
    • Canada Experience Class
    1. Provincial Economic Class
    • Ontario Immigration
    • Quebec Immigration
    • Alberta Immigration
    • British Columbia Immigration
    • Manitoba Immigration
    • New Brunswick Immigration
    • Newfoundland Immigration
    • Nova Scotia Immigration
    • Saskatchewan Immigration
    • Prince Edward Island Immigration
    1. Quebec Immigration Program

You have the choice to opt for a Canadian Permanent Residency with this program.

    1. Business Immigration

A temporary work permit and the purchase of a company are both permitted under Canadian federal law.

    1. Temporary Resident First Program 

Immigrants may enter Canada on a three-year temporary resident visa and subsequently apply to become permanent residents through this programme.

    1. Family Class Sponsorship for Family Members

Family members of immigrants from the United Arab Emirates may be eligible for this programme.

    1. Spousal and Family Sponsorship

Immigrants may reconnect with their families thanks to the Spousal and Family Sponsorship. If you’re a holder of the Permanent Resident card or citizen, you may be able to sponsor family members to come to Canada.


How to Apply for a Canada Permanent Residency Visa from Dubai?


    1. Start by collecting all of your official transcripts and submitting an application to be evaluated for your educational credentials.
    2. Create an Express Entry profile by filling out all of the profile information.
    3. Obtaining an Invitation to Apply for a Permanent Residency in Canada (ITA) is the last step in the Express Entry application process.
    4. Within the 60-day window, submit the visa costs and all essential documentation.
    5. Send your passport to the closest Embassy for stamping after you get a notice that your visa application has been approved.

In the absence of an employment offer or sponsorship, may I enter Canada?

If you don’t have a job lined up or a sponsor, you may still go to Canada and live there. There are a few methods to do so in Canada’s immigrant visa application process.

Is it possible to figure out my Express Entry points in advance?

Certainly. Using our point calculator should be simple. Right immediately, go through your points.

How may your CRS Points be increased to get an “Invitation to Apply”?


    • You may get 160 CRS points if you speak both English and French fluently.
    • If you have at least three years of experience, you’ll be eligible for 80 CRS points.
    • The more education you have, the more points you will get.
    • The amount of education of your spouse is worth 10 points and their language skills are worth 20 points.
    • There are 600 CRS points available via the Provincial Nominee Program.

Your CRS points will rise if you get a job offer from Canada.

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