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Do You Want to Work in Canada? Here’s all You Need to Know!

Canada is a magnificent place for people to live, work and raise a family. You can find exciting job opportunities, a top-notch education system, an excellent public healthcare system, and a quality lifestyle. If you are from Abu Dhabi, wishing to migrate to Canada, then this blog might help you understand five reasons why you should migrate to Canada from Abu Dhabi.

Great Career Opportunities:  Canada offers ample job opportunities in medical, engineering, construction and other fields. It is an ideal place for skilled workers who wish to migrate here. You can apply under the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

High Quality of Life: You can expect a standard of living with public holidays and relaxed working hours, ensuring a great work-life balance for the residents.

Excellent Health Care System: Canadian government provides free health care facilities for citizens. The government cares about the people living in the country and pays for dental care, medicines, optometry, and others.

Liberty to Operate Business: Permanent residents can legally commence their own business following Canadian immigration. You can invest in a franchise or start a new business, or consider a corporation without earning a Canadian citizen card.

Immigrant-friendly: Canada is known for their welcoming attitude toward migrants. As per a recent HSBC Expat survey, Canada ranks on top for having the best tolerance level for immigrants in the world.


What Are The Options To Immigrate To Canada From Abu Dhabi?

  1. Federal Economic Class: This program includes: Federal Skilled Trades, Federal Skilled Workers, and Canada Experience Class.
  2. Provincial Economic Class: PEC consists of Canadian provinces that have their own job offers. This includes immigration for Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.
  3. Quebec Immigration Program: Applicants will be directed to Canadian Permanent Residency.
  4. Business Immigration: Canadian Federal Law allows the applicants to invest in a franchise or business and move to Canada on a temporary work permit.
  5. Temporary Resident First Program: With such a program, immigrants move to Canada on such a permit and then convert one into permanent residency once you complete your course of 3 years of living here.

If you are planning to move to Canada, having the top immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi on board with you will be beneficial. We at Giant Migration are the leading consultancy agency that intend to help you move smoothly.


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