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A Complete Procedure To Acknowledge Before Flying To Canada From Dubai

Canada has always been the top destination for immigrants from across the globe. The alluring opportunities offered in the nation has always been the attractive force making immigrants choose Canada for their immigration. If you are one amongst them then here is all you need to know about your Canada immigration from Dubai

The Express Entry System 

The Express Entry system of Canada is the fastest way to migrate to Canada with Permanent Residency. All you require is a year of work experience to be qualified. It is an incredible chance for those looking to work and settle in Canada. Certain features of the Canada visa from Dubai include

  • The quickest and the legal way to turn to be a permanent resident
  • Inviting around 4,01,000 applicants 
  • Relocate in around 12 months
  • Get free education for children
  • Tremendous alternative to H1-B and much more


Those fulfilling the below criteria are eligible –

  • Should have completed graduation
  • A year of experience
  • Must be below 45 years of age
  • Proficiency in English is a must

Benefits associated with PR

  • Earn in dollars – you can get an income in dollars.
  • Education: kids can study for free in top schools. 
  • Health: enjoy the promising healthcare facilities like nowhere in the world.
  • Retirement: you can rest assured of the retirement you will enjoy.
  • family: one can sponsor relatives to join you in Canada.
  • Freedom Live, work and study in all Canadian provinces.
  • Travel: travel visa free to several countries.
  • Investment: great investment for your money with better returns than gold, mutual funds, FD or any other similar investment program.


If you are planning your Canada immigration from Dubai and are looking for assistance to get the complicated process started then teach the top immigration consultants in Dubai who have a team of highly skilled as competent professionals to assist you through the process and help you fly to your dream country with ease and comfort. 

You get assistance with confidentiality of all your documents pre and post process of immigration. All your documents are dealt with safely and are returned to their original state without hampering or misusing them in any way. Also, efforts are made to ensure the transparency of the process. Clients are briefed about each step that will be taken and the consultants move forward after their consent. 

Grab great services at a competitive price that is not available elsewhere. So if it is about Canada immigration from Dubai then do not think twice and quickly reach the best immigration consultants in Dubai who offer services that are not just reliable but cost-effective at the same time.


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