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Check Out The Process Of Getting A Canadian Student Visa in 2022

Over 130,000 foreign students choose Canada each year to pursue their higher education. Academic institutions in Canada place a high value on research, scientific publications, and cross-border cooperation. The student visa, or Canadian study permit, for Canada, is difficult to get. It’s important to know this before you decide on where to attend college. To study in Canada, wondering what are the steps?

  • To start your student visa application procedure, you must first pick where you wish to study in Canada. Acknowledgement letters are essential for visa applications once you’ve been admitted to a Canadian college or university.
  • You may check whether you require a study visa or permission by using the official Canadian study permit tool. If you fall into one of the following categories, you do not require a study visa:
  • A member of your immediate family or a member of your staff who is an accredited representative of a foreign country in Canada.
  • You’ve decided to enrol in a course of study that will last no longer than six months.
  • Even though you are a citizen of another nation, you have been granted Canadian Indian status. To avoid confusion, keep in mind that the study visa/permit does not enable you to travel to or enter Canada. An electronic travel authorization or a travel visa is required for this purpose (eTA).
  • Once you have received the acceptance letter from the institution, the following step is to apply for a student visa, which is locally known as a study permit. To get your student visa, you must first:
  • Before you leave for Canada, go to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website and fill out an application for a student visa.
  • A letter of admission from a selected educational institution is required (a university recognised by the Canadian government).
  • Proof of financial assistance for your studies in Canada is required (tuition fees and living expenses).

  • Medical documents stating that you are in excellent health should be submitted if requested. If you have a family member who is employed in Canada or who has applied for a work permit, your study permit application will be approved in two weeks under the most current visa restrictions. Renewing or extending your study permit is an option if you want to continue your education, if your programme has been extended, or if you want to transfer to another institution. After completing your studies, your study permit expires. To remain in Canada and explore, you may apply for a work visa, which permits you to work full or part-time, as well as be self-employed. Alternatively, you can stay in Canada and travel.
  • Prepare the required documents –
  • An application for a student visa.
  • Letter of admission from the institution. A valid passport/travel document that permits you to return home.
  • On the reverse of each picture, the name and date of birth of the holder are written.
  • Documentation demonstrating your ability to pay for school. As a result, it’s necessary to demonstrate that you have an annual income of at least 10,000 and as much as 11,000 CAD.
  • a declaration of intention
  • There are additional requirements if you wish to study in Quebec, including translations in both English and French and a declaration from the translator, as well as an official copy of your original papers.
  • Provenance that you’ve made the study permit payment (150 CAD)
  • A Canadian student visa does not need proof of proficiency in the English language. However, Canadian institutions will seek evidence of English language competency if you are not from an English-speaking nation. The following language exams are recognised as valid:
  • Academic IELTS,
  • TOEFL iBT,
  • PTE Academic, and
  • C1 Advanced.
  • Your biometrics may need to be taken at a Visa Application Center in your own country depending on your nationality. This service costs 85 Canadian dollars. Extra to the standard visa application price, there is a charge of (150 CAD). Some nations are exempt from this biometrics requirement, which means that their residents will not have to attend an application centre at all.

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