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Canadian Citizenship Brings With It Some Benefits

If you wish to apply for a Canadian citizenship visa from Dubai, you must meet the following requirements:

• You must be a permanent resident of Canada.
• Provide proof of linguistic competence in one of Canada’s official languages.
• You should have filed your taxes for three years in the past five years, and any income taxes you owe should be paid.
• Have been a permanent resident of Canada for at least three of the five years prior to applying.

If you do not provide sufficient proof of your proficiency in French or English, the IRCC will consider your application incomplete (the official languages of Canada).

What are the benefits of having Permanent Residence Status in Canada?

Live and Work in Canada – Overall, Canada is one of the finest locations to do business, be an entrepreneur, have a major impact on the economy, and enjoy good living conditions. You will then have the right to travel anywhere in the nation.

Healthcare – Healthcare provided by the Canadian administration and authorities is available globally, thanks to Canada’s immigration system. Canada permanent residence visa holders have access to free healthcare, and it includes coverage for all of their paid prescription medications. And, as a Canadian citizen, you may apply for public health insurance.

Free Education up to Class 12 – For permanent residents of Canada, the Canadian government provides free education up to the end of high school for all children. The Canadian education system includes three tiers: elementary, secondary, and higher education. The costs are reduced for permanent residents going to college.

Invest and start a Business – Other than foreign-born citizens, immigrants are permanent residents of Canada. Once they are relocated to Canada, they can establish their own business. If you’re a Canadian citizen, you have the benefit of investing in a franchise or starting a new business with sole ownership, partnership, or a firm.

You have a safe living environment – Canada was voted the most tranquil country in the world in 2007, according to The Economist. The offices and facilities are well-kept and safe, and the residents have enough space. Safety is considered one of the primary benefits of moving to Canada.

Your loved ones may join you – They may also live, work, and study in Canada with permanent residence status if they have any of your relations. However, you are allowed to assist those who live in your community if you are above the age of 18.

What is the Ideal Way to Move to Canada?

The Express Entry system is an excellent entry pathway for many immigration programmes that allow individuals from other nations to come to Canada. It is also a common method to allow talented employees in Canada to get a PR visa. You can consult the best immigration consultants in Dubai if you wish to get help with the immigration process.


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