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Applying to Permanent Residency through Canadian Experience Class

Applying to permanent residency

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) has been a preferred immigration route for those who have worked in Canada and want to remain in the country permanently.

Express Entry gives a comprehensive ranking system score to those who qualify for the CEC programme (CRS). Approximately every two weeks, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) organizes Express Entry drawings inviting the best scoring individuals to apply for Canadian immigration.

Using the CEC, you may apply for permanent residency in the following manner:


Step 1: Canadian Experience Class-Eligibility Criteria

  • Have at the very least a year of experience as a skilled professional or technical worker in Canada within 36 months of the application date.
  • Surpass a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 7.
  • Plan to live and work outside of Quebec province. It takes nearly 1,560 hours of professional job experience in Canada to qualify as having completed one year of employment (or a full year). Applicants may stay in Canada during the application process. Individuals who no longer reside in Canada may apply to the CEC if they do so within three years after leaving their Canadian employment.

Step 2: Submit your profile for Express Entry to the IRCC website 

Go to the government website and register for an IRCC secure account. Create your Express Entry profile, input the reference code if you already have one, and fill out your personal information.

The IRCC will determine which Express Entry programme you are qualified for once you have filled out your profile and submitted it to them.

Step 3: Invitation to Apply for PR

An invitation to apply for permanent residence does not necessarily guarantee the completion of an Express Entry profile. An Express Entry draw requires a score that is at least as high as the cut-off point.

In the meantime, you should be prepared for IRCC to provide you with an ITA through email. There are 60 days from the date of your notification to apply. Two-weekly drawings for Express Entry are held by the IRCC.

Step 4: Apply for Immigration, when you receive an ITA

After receiving an ITA, IRCC will send you a message informing you about the programme you’ve been asked to participate in and the following steps. Express Entry welcomes applicants in the following order:

  • Provincial Nominee Program,
  • Canadian Experience Class,
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

IRCC will demand evidence of the information you provided in the Express Entry profile. An immigration officer will examine if the information you submitted in the application is inconsistent with your profile. According to IRCC, it is important to review the eligibility requirements of the programme you are interested in applying for. An invitation from IRCC should be turned down if your revised score is lower than the minimum cut-off for that round. IRCC will remove your profile from the pool if you don’t react to your ITA within 60 days.

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