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7 Tips for Canada PR Immigration Application

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Over the years, Canada has earned the reputation of being one of the most accommodating places in the world. Not just that, there is no other place as safe as Canada. There are many perks of getting a Permanent Residence in Canada. If you are applying for availing PR in Canada, this blog here is curated just for you. 

Given are the top 7 tips which you must look at when you are preparing for Canadian PR application. 

Gather Your Documents Beforehand 

For your Canadian PR application, the IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will ask you to provide a set of required documents. Some of the documents might even take months to obtain. If you wait until you are formally asked by the IRCC, chances are that you are delaying the process. 

Associate with an Immigration Consultant 

If you are aiming to get immigration from Dubai, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to connect with the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada. While immigrating to Canada is easy, the process can be daunting for someone who isn’t well-versed with the immigration process and for that professional immigration consultants can be extremely beneficial. Choosing an experienced representative will help you in having increased chances of successful immigration. 

Keep an Eye on Expiry Dates 

The documents that are required for immigration have expiry dates and it is advised for the applicants to keep track of the expiry dates. Passport, work permit or study permit, bank statements, police background checks, results of language tests, Invitation to Apply, Medical assessment, etc. are all required for PR application and applicants are required to keep a check on the expiry dates of these documents so that there is no inconvenience at the time of application. 

Double-Check Isn’t Enough! Triple Check

Most of the Canadian PR Applications are rejected not because the individual was ineligible for the application but only because the applicant did not read the application information properly and fill the form appropriately. It is advised to double check, triple check and get the form verified by the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada to ensure any possible risks can be mitigated. 

Made a Checklist Yet?

Now, we are not here talking about your travel itinerary or the numerous checklist blogs on the internet. The IRCC provides a specific checklist based on the basis of your circumstances during the course of PR Application. It is important that you follow this checklist thoroughly. 

Identify Your Immigration program 

Canada has a wide range of immigration programs. Without delving into details – the three main categories for immigration to Canada are Economic, Family Class, and Refugee & Humanitarian. While some programs are point-based, some aren’t. Some programs require sponsorship from a province or territory, some don’t. If you are planning to apply for a Canadian PR, you need to be very specific about the immigration program you are going to choose. 

Authentic Information Only 

It is advised to provide only authentic and correct information for the PR application. Filling incorrect information in your application might destroy your chances of getting a PR visa. Irrespective of the immigration program you are applying for, any form of incorrect information can put a ban on your application. 

For more information on Canadian PR applications, connect with the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada – Giant Migration. Connect with our professionals to begin your immigration journey with us.


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