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5 Things to Look Out For When Hiring Immigration Consultant

5 Things to Look Out For When Hiring Immigration Consultant

An immigration consultant or a lawyer is a qualified professional who practices immigration law and helps people throughout the process of acquiring the visa without any problems, appeals, refugee applications, and more. There are numerous immigration programs and choosing the one that meets your needs can be overwhelming. Well, you can shift the burden off of your shoulders by hiring the top immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi as they are trained, qualified, and equipped with in-depth knowledge of the needs of the application process. Therefore, they provide wonderful assistance and guide you through the process with ease. Hiring a professional simply reduces the stress and helps increase your chances of achieving success since you will be submitting the visa with precise information.

Before hiring a qualified professional, you are required to conduct proper research, this includes asking for referrals, browsing the internet looking for a reputed professional, and more. Since finding a professional immigration consultant is such a daunting task, it is advised to consider the below listed five things before hiring one…

1.Know the reputation of immigration agency/consultant: With any profession, it is advised to consider references not only to understand the quality but also to know about their reputation in the market. Since not all immigration consultants are equal in terms of experience, knowledge and skills, it is advised to ask people or their previous clients, check their Google reviews. Try everything in your power to understand their professionalism level.

2.Talk about their experience in your case: Ensure the professional you are hiring is updated with the new policies and regulations and is familiar with the latest process of immigrating to a foreign land. You must hire an experienced immigration consultant to make sure that there are not any mistakes throughout your process. You should discuss your needs or your immigration case to know if they have experience in that particular program.

3. Accessibility once you hire them: The immigration process is without a doubt long and tedious, therefore, a professional who is accessible quite easily will make the entire procedure smooth and hassle-free. You must hire a professional with great experience and skill sets to complete the immigration process within time and quite quickly.

4. Estimate Cost of Service: Since it is an important investment, some applications can be applied online, however, this doesn’t mean that it is easy. Instead, it is easier to make a mistake and hence you need to make sure to calculate the total cost to see if it fits your budget or not. Even the tiniest mistake can lead to getting rejected and therefore you need to hire quality service.

5. Are they Legitimate: It is advised to hire an immigration consultant who is registered with the ICCRC and if you are looking for a lawyer, ensure they must be licensed with the provincial bar association? Make sure to conduct research before you hire a consultant- check their respective regulator.

Consider these when looking for immigration professional.

With Giant Migration, you don’t have to worry about anything as we have a team of top immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi who will be assisting you throughout the process ensuring a smooth immigration journey for you.


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